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Atur Postahyan

Atur eventually moved to Armenia in 2015, but he thinks otherwise. He says, that he has always been a part of his homeland. In the early 90’s he travelled to Armenia with groups of devotees bringing cultural programs to support suffering Armenia living with a glimmer of hope. Atur was born in a family of emigrants from Western Armenia, who found refuge in Aleppo. His grandfather passed on the love for his motherland to future descendants. Atur says, that his biggest dream ever since a very young age was to move to Armenia. He recalls a small fragment from his childhood. He imagined himself riding his bicycle in the very familiar streets of Armenia, as if in his hometown. 

Atur is a jeweler. He makes mainly silver jewelry. He loves his job and puts his hand in every piece of jewel. He says, that he has never had any difficulty with integration. When he is in Armenia, he feels at home.    

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