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Vardan Sarmazyan


Vardan was born in Syrian town Kesab, in a family of a priest. He’s a car mechanic by profession. It was like that until he was 30, when his father unexpectedly fell sick and Vardan left his job to take care of his father. To Vardan’s surprise he found the skill of embroidery within himself and almost at a mature age picked up the needle and started embroidering. His first teacher was his mother. After he went to Latakia to improve his skills. There he decided to study the different types of handiwork and directions typical to different cultures. The roads took him to China, United Arab Emirates, Europe.

Vardan has a strong personality. No hardships, conditions or closing doors can scare him. He has a fighting soul, never gets upset, never complains about anything or anyone. He always takes the helping hand with gratitude. Maral, his life long companion is just like him.

They don’t look for contradictions in people and they don’t find them. 

Tablecloths made by them cause admiration. No matter if they shine in luxury or simplicity, they are elegant anyway. Vardan is a participant and an organizer of various exhibitions in different ends of the world: such as Shanghai, Tehran, Dubai, Moscow, Istanbul and Paris.

As he likes to say, he never comes back empty handed from any exhibition. Always adds to his knowledge.

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