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Salbi Qeleshyan


 Salbi and her family moved to Armenia in 2012. The war had started when Salbi’s youngest daughter was a high school student. Her parents had promised her a trip to Armenia, if she had done excellent on her exams. And just like that a trip to Armenia ended up being a permanent stay. Salbi is an engineer by profession. She had difficulties in finding a job in Armenia. The ongoing war in Syria and the thought of leaving their home, inability to preserve those memories of past, built up a storm in Salbi’s soul.  So for the first time in her life Salbi picked up a brush and began to convey her worries on a canvas. From that day on, Salbi and the canvas were inseparable. Her paintings tell about her, her feelings and about sharing the harsh fate of her homeland. Over the time Salbi has advanced her god-given grace. Now she paints using different painting materials and different technics. She has participated in many exhibitions and has been appreciated by many visitors. Her motherland isn’t a distant dream anymore. She is a small part of her now suffered but glorious motherland.

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