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Silva Gazazyan 


Silva was born in the Syrian city Aleppo. Her grandparents are from Ayntap province of Western Armenia. During the genocide, Silva's ancestors, like many others, emigrated and eventually settled in Syria. They were jewelers. Silva remembers her grandmother as a hard-working woman, who was helping her husband with work, was raising children, and was runing a household. At the same time, she passed on to her descendants the traditional Armenian embroidery, the ornaments of which still have completely undisclosed mysteries. Silva moved to Armenia with her family in early 2012, when the war in Syria had not yet fully revealed its horrific face. They were in Armenia to get their Armenian passports, but the fate had predetermined something else for them. The war escalated, and their return was meaningless. Silva doesn’t regret being in Armenia. Here she feels more firmly grounded. Initially, Silva found comfort in embroidering, when she was still fresh from leaving her birthplace, memories and starting life again. Over the time, it became an occupation, then a job. Silva has a creative mind and delicate taste. 

She makes tableclothes, accessories and bijouterie, using traditional embroidery elements. She always likes to learn, and to add new ones to the existing skills. She participates in various exhibitions and presents her works to her visitors with love.

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