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Tsovak Kantarjian

It was nearly 26 years ago, when she took the initial steps to fulfill her dream. First there were various difficulties and unfamiliarity, nevertheless she continued to learn, dig deeper by improving her working techniques, capacities, knowledge and ultimately she is now standing here - Tsovak with golden hands and a firm understanding that embroidery is undoubtedly her thing. Her roots are from Urfa, therefore she proudly shares about her and her family’s tight connection and devotion to their origins. Also, she tries to transfer her ethnic individuality and essence through her crafts. In 2012, with the beginning of war and chaos, Tsovak left Syria and came to Armenia with the expectation of a brand new start and a peaceful existence. Despite the hardships she faced with her family, Tsovak remembers those days with warmth and sweet nostalgia, since it was then when she received her first significantly big orders that affected her determination, confidence and faith. Tsovak put the main emphasis on 2 things - singularity and color choices, as she believes that there is no aim to copy the existing works, she needs to search for more, for something new and fresh and create in the literal sense. As a result, clients can enjoy the unique and outstanding approach of Tsovak and feel the special experiences through her exceptional embroideries. Thus, the main components in her work are the quality, detail-oriented nature and high devotion.

It should also be mentioned that she excludes the use of any Turkish materials.

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