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Syuzi Rastgelenyan

Syuzi and Nauri are sisters, who are hard workers and spread joy among people through their creations. They were born and raised in Beirut, spending most of their lifetime there. Nevertheless, they had to leave everything behind and move to Armenia, because of the tragic explosion that took place in Beirut (2020). It was a new start - complex, vague, yet exciting and refreshing. They succeed in Armenia due to their determination and hard work, which is both an enjoyable activity and a way of earning for life. So, these talented sisters are creating wonderful and rainbow-like bags (why rainbow-like? Just look at the pics!). Their bags are knitted with the waves of colorful rainbows and undoubtedly can transfer the positive energy to the owners. One thing that should also be mentioned, is that they equally give importance to their creatings’ qualitative and visual traits.

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