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Meet Nadezhda, born in Hadrut, with a family tradition deeply rooted in needlework. She comes from a line of skilled needlewomen, including her grandmother, mother, and sister. By profession, she's a clothing designer, where her professional skill for handcrafts and attention to details shine. Nadezhda's creativity knows no bounds—she delves into various directions like different embroidery styles, making eco-friendly bags, working with leather, and using techniques like "batik." Her focus is on blending different styles with the national one, capturing the soulful essence of Artsakh. Despite relocating from Artsakh in 2020, Nadezhda smoothly resumed her work in a new environment, embracing fresh challenges. However, she still dreams of returning to Hadrut one day to continue where she left off. Beyond her professional endeavors, Nadezhda is passionate about teaching children. She believes in passing down knowledge and skills to

the next generations, emphasizing the importance of preserving the rich history encapsulated in handcrafts. For her, it's a way to prevent the national heritage from slipping into the hands of vicious foreigners. Nadezhda's journey is a story of resilience, adaptation, and a deep

connection to the cultural and artistic roots of Artsakh.

Nadezhda Sargsyan

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