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Sargis Ghologasyan


Sargis Ghologasyan moved to Armenia in 2011. Even before the Syrian war, Sargis has always had close ties in Armenia and right here Sargis met Gayane and formed a loving and strong family. Their children were born in Armenia. Sargis, who was a car mechanic, started getting interested in the world of scents.

He started selling perfumes. Then he opened his own perfume shop. Sargis and Gayana are inseparable companions. They are expert perfume connoisseurs now. They know their customers preferences according to their age, style, and personality. Except for selling ready-made perfumes, they make their own scents using different ethers.

Sargis has plans for the future. He wants to create his own brand with the unique scents of Armenian nature’s flowers.

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