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Stella grew up in Artsakh, specifically in the village of Aygestan, Hadrut region. Until the devastating war of 2020, she lived in her homeland, dedicating her life to creative work. However, due to the circumstances, she had to relocate to Yerevan in 2020, facing numerous challenges. In her own words: “starting from zero point, when you have nothing: no materials, equipment, or even personal documents, then you have to rebuild everything”. Despite these hurdles, Stella is still involved in her favorite work and dreams of expanding her artistic pursuits in Yerevan, taking on larger projects and continuing to create. When asked about the uniqueness of her style, she modestly admits that she can't pinpoint what sets

her works apart from others. However, she approaches every piece of craft with special love and dedication. Stella is modestly hinting that, besides embroidery, she is also skilled in knitting, which she learned from her grandmother, with all its subtleties and secrets.

Stella Poghosyan

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