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Dalar was born in Syria, Aleppo. Her grandfather is from Sasun and her grandmother is from Urfa. During the genocide they sheltered in Afrin, Syria, where they worked as butchers and bakers. Dalar got her initial education in Aleppo, and then she mastered catering. In 2015 she got married and moved to Lebanon, where the political and the socio-economic atmosphere gradually worsened. Dalar moved to Armenia with her parents. Some time later her husband joined them. They baptized their son Hovsep in Armenia. They are proud, that their son’s godfather is from Armenia. Dalar and her husband made up their mind to move and work in Armenia. Their son now attends kindergarten and has made many friends despite the language differences.

Dalar with the support of her husband established her own small bakery business. They bake pies and other baked products with eastern recipes. They already have many costumers who are enchanted by the unfamiliar but captivating smells and tastes. Dalar developed her skills in the “Yeremyan Academy of Culinary Arts and Hospitality”. She says, that she never thinks about moving back to Syria or Lebanon. This is her home and her only thoughts are about creating roots in Armenia and strengthening her business.

Dalar Petrosyan

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