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Care products manufacturer 

Huri moved to Armenia in 2012 during the Syrian war. She’s a biologist/chemist by profession. She got her initial education in Aleppo in Nazaryan school, afterwards she studied in the State University of Aleppo, in the biochemistry department. From the beginning of the war Huri and her husband understood that the horrors of war would leave their two year old daughter emotionally traumatized and obviously the safest place they could find haven was their motherland. In Syria, Huri didn’t have the chance to put her professional skills to use. Here, in Yerevan she quickly found a job at the laboratory of Ararat Brandy factory. Parallel to her work, she had a hobby of making skin and hair care products from natural ingredients. Soon after, the family was gifted with another child. This made it hard for Huri to balance work and the care of her children, thus she made the decision to resign for the time being. Instead she started her own business. Huri makes skin and hair care products exclusively from natural ingredients such as beeswax and herbs, directly from Armenia. She has a professional approach in examining and putting to use all the ingredients.

Huri Kulkuljyan

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