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Lilit, a native of Artsakh, who grew up in the peaceful village of Tegh in the Hadrut region. She started her studies in Biochemistry at Artsakh State University, but after a year, she realized her true passion was elsewhere. When the Artsakh war broke out, Lilit quickly moved to

Yerevan with a strong desire to protect children from the chaos of bombings. Lilit has always loved embroidery, a skill she inherited from her grandmother. Now, she has turned this cherished hobby into her main focus in work. Following her grandmother's teachings, Lilit is

mostly self-taught and explores various stitches, drawing inspiration from different sources. She doesn't just stick to local techniques; she also incorporates stitches from other countries like France and Italy. What she loves about her craft is the calming escape it provides, even

though it requires concentration and physical effort. Lilit is all about sharing knowledge. Shementors students with genuine excitement, cheering on their successes, big or small. Her dream is to collaborate again with the Hadrut Children's and Youth Center, recognizing the power of teamwork and understanding.

Lilit Poghosyan

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