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Nazaret Aroyan


Nazaret was born in Aleppo. His ancestors settled in Syria during the years of genocide. They were from Ayntap in Western Armenia. Nazaret lost his father, when he was still too young. In his thirteen years he started to learn carpet making. In the course of time he has also gotten interested in silversmithing. Later, he occupied himself in collecting and selling carpets and silver cutlery and jewelry. He had vintage and unique collections, which he sold in his own antique shop. His fame was known all over the city. He is proud to remember that he had his boutique in Aleppo Sheraton Hotel, with really incomparable antique examples.

During the war his own shop, which was next to the Forty Martyrs Cathedral, was ruined in the result of heavy shelling. He stayed harmless by miracle, though the other day he found his shop robbed by the soldiers. Yet he doesn’t complain, instead thanks God, that he stayed alive. In 2015 he left for Yerevan from Aleppo. 

So far he is a successful collectionner of old carpets and jewelry of unpredictable taste.

The first visit to Nazaret is only the beginning of frequent visits in pursuit of unique artifacts.

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