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Yoland and Raffi were born in the city of Aleppo, in Syria. Their grandparents emigrated to Syria during the years of Armenian Genocide. They brought up their children in the sense of patriotism, which resulted to their generations’ devotedness to their motherland. Raffi had his own small factory for making car appliances in Aleppo. This was the achievement of his whole mature life. Like in their family, the war in Syria caused crucial changes in everybody’s life visions and lots of dreams were left unfulfilled forever.

Rshtunies’ family settled in Armenia in 2012. Their guide was their son Sargis, who was a student in Yerevan since 2008. In Armenia Yoland improved her skills of making Eastern cuisine delicacies. She took part in deferent business development trainings and seminars and created her small business with her husband’s support. They make cookies and sweets, according the eastern recipes. After, they package them in smart boxes, made by them. 

The couple is well known in Armenia. In 2020, during “The Hero of Our Times Award”, dedicated to the 29th anniversary of Independence of Armenia, they were honored with a prize, which they hold with pride and responsibility.

Their will of not breaking and starting life from a new page, truly deserves admiration and respect

Yoland and Raffi Rshtunies

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