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Maral was born in Aleppo, Syria. Her grandparents are from the province of Ayntap in Western Armenia. Apart from having learnt embroidery from her mother, Maral enriched her skills with beadwork, carpet weaving and other handicraft skills.

She moved to Armenia in 2015. In the beginning she faced a lot of household and social hardships, which she overcame thanks to her creative work. Maral did some teaching in Armenia, giving an opportunity to future generations to learn and preserve the skills and traditions of Armenian embroidery, so they can pass down the art inherited from their ancestors to future generations. 

Maral tells that, when she was little, she once asked her mom why it was so important for her to know embroidery.    Her mom retold her the fairytale   “Anahit” and explained the meaning. 

Maral now has no doubt that the story her mother once told, hasn’t lost its actuality and importance.

Maral Shohmelyan

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