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Carpet Maker

Nazik was born in Artsakh's Mets Tagher village. She started her education there and later studied nursing in Yerevan, but found her true passion in carpet weaving. Her village has a rich

tradition of carpet weaving, passed down from her mother and grandmother. In 2020, Nazik and her family moved from Artsakh to Yerevan, carrying with them a heavy sense of homesickness. While grappling with challenges like finances and job searches, it's the

emotional burden of missing home that hits her the hardest. For her, the word that illustrates all these hardships is "homesickness."

Nazik has a special connection to a carpet left behind in Hadrut, a gift from her mother and grandmother. Seeing a similar carpet in a Yerevan store inspired her to recreate it with some changes. Nazik isn't just an instructor to her students; she considers herself a teacher by title. Each project is like a unique character to her. Ultimately, Nazik warmly shared the significanceof her carpet "Paradise," filled with symbols like Adam, Eve, tulips, and eagles, which brought

her recognition in a Stepanakert competition.

Nazik Abaghyan

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