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Huri & Salbi Ipeqchyan


Huri and Salbi are sisters. They moved to Armenia in 2015 due to the Syrian war. They are western Armenians from the province of Ayntap by roots. Their ancestors settled in Syria, Aleppo during the genocide. The sisters had mastered embroidery since their early childhood. Their first teacher was their grandmother, who gathered all the love and longing for her motherland in the unique world of embroidered Armenian ornaments, taught by her ancestors. Huri and Salbi are skilled masters and therefore have a mission to pass their skills to future generations. With the help of the Armenian community in Aleppo, training courses were organized with the participation of the sisters. They are skilled in the embroidery work of Ayntap, Urfa, Van and other provinces of Western Armenia. Their artifacts have a big demand in the colonies of diaspora for the making of national costumes and church outfits. They have participated in various exhibitions in Armenia and abroad and have always admired their visitors with their splendid masterpieces.

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