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Talin Grigoryan


Talin is from Aleppo. His grandparents had settled here during the dreadful years of genocide. Her grandfather was slaughtered by Turks and grandmother had to take refuge with her 5 children in Syria. Her grandfather was from Tigranakert and grandmother was from Polis.  In the result of harsh fighting for life their children had created roots in Aleppo. Talin has always been active in her hometown in organization of different local charity events within the Arminian community. 

Her first teacher for embroidery was her mother and elder sister. Today she remembers with fun how demanding they were towards her, when she was still learning embroidery. She was very young then and referred to it as just a hobby. Yet she didn’t even imagine that embroidery would become her main occupation many years later in Armenia.

Now Talin masters different branches of handicraft. She makes each accessary with love and is very particular about it’s quality and being unique. 

Talin is a really  brave woman and is never upset, despite the life challenges. This way she honors her courageous and unvanquished ancestors.

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