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Armik Jozikyan

Manufacturer of accessories

Armik was born in Syria, Aleppo. She was brought up with a nation loving spirit. Just like any other Western Armenian family, Armik has her own story. Her grandfather was from the Western Armenian province Kgarberd. During the genocide he lost his family and at 13 years old was the only one from his family, who managed to overcome the long way of Deir ez-Zur desert and find shelter in Aleppo, thus making the routs of exile his home. He passed the love and longing for his motherland to his descendants. Armik’s father encouraged his children to get education in Yerevan. In the Yerevan State University faculty of oriental studies, Armik studied Arabic. Then she studied psychology. These two professions helped Armik in becoming a skilled tour guide. Armik also has other interests and when her daughter was born she decided to open her own business.

She makes bijouterie from natural stones and various metals. Her collections are very fashionable and have a high demand in youth. Armik’s gift boxes are also very delicately designed and one can find the suitable box for any occasion.

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