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Shant Keshishyan

Shant Keshishyan is a silversmith primarily focused on the jewelry's quality and uniqueness. Shant's roots are from Tigranakert, however he was born and raised in Aleppo. In 2012, his family moved and resided in Armenia, due to the war in Syria. During the first years in the motherland, there were various difficulties regarding integrity and life conditions, nevertheless due to hard work, strong belief and determination they finally were able to overcome all the difficulties and stand firm. Shant inherited his talent by meticulously observing his father's (first and irreplaceable teacher's) work. As a result, he learned and perfected his jewelry-making skill. He humbly mentions that his most favorite part of the whole process is the creation of a new model or, as he calls it, "bringing out a new model" . In addition, Shant aspires to create practical, simple pieces with an elegant touch and minimalistic aspects that can be worn casually and not only on special occasions. So for Shant "less is indeed more". 
Shant’s jewelry is not only suitable but also a desirable gift for people of all ages.

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